Township Documents

This page contains the official documents of Grant Township in Keweenaw County. If you're looking for a document that is not listed on this website, please contact the Clerk's office directly at (906) 289-4292 x103. 

Freedom of Information Act Information

Grant Township Ordinances

  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 2022-01, the 'UPPCO Franchise' was adopted on March 8th, 2022.
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 01-2019, the 'Sewer Lagoon Rehab Project' was adopted on May 14th, 2019.
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 02-2019, the 'Prohibition of Recreational Marijuana Establishments' was adopted on June 13th, 2019.
  • Grant Township Ordinances No. 2006-1 & No. 2006-1A Amendment, the 'Hunter's Point Park' was originally adopted on June 13th, 2006 and amended on March 11th, 2014.
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 98-01, the 'Water Rates' was adopted on September 14th, 1998, and replaces earlier Water Rates Ordinances 4,8, and 9.
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 98-02, the 'Water System' was adopted September 14th, 1998, and replaces earlier Water System Ordinances 5 and 7.
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 97-03, the 'Regulate the Speed of Vessels on the Waters of Lac La Belle and Connecting Channel' was adopted on December 8th, 1997. 
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 97-02, the ‘Land Division’, to regulate division of parcels or tracts of land within Grant Township (in response to Michigan Public Act 288 of 1967) was adopted September 8th 1997, and replaces Ordinance 6 from 1982.
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 97-01, the ‘Group Insurance Plan’ was adopted February 10th 1997.
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 96-02, the 'Pension Plan' was adopted January 1st, 1997.
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 96-01, the ‘Solid Waste Collection and Disposal’ (in response to Public Act 320 of 1927) and the collection, controlling, and disposing of type II solid waste, refuse, and garbage; with Resolution 96-01 to establish rates and fees for collection service; Licensing of garbage collection contractors doing business; was adopted on January 16th, 1996.
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 92-3, the ‘Improvements to Sewer System’ was adopted on January 13th, 1992, and amended via Ordinance No. 92-4 on February 10th, 1992.
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 92-2, the ‘Sewer Rates’ with Amendment 1 were both adopted January 13th, 1992, and amended via Ordinance No. 92-2 Amendment 2 on July 12th, 2001. 
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 92-1, the ‘Sewer System’ was adopted January 13th, 1992. 
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 10 of 1985, the Copper Harbor DDA' was adopted in December 1985, and amended three times. Visit the Copper Harbor DDA page for additional information.
  • Grant Township Ordinance No. 3 of 1979, the ‘Fiscal Year’ (in response to Michigan Public Act 596 of 1978) was adopted on March 31st, 1979.
  • All Ordinances from 1992-Present are posted with additional existing Ordinances to be posted soon.

Grant Township 5-Year Recreation Plan Information

Copper Harbor Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

Documents for the Copper Harbor Downtown Development Authority (DDA) can be found on the DDA page.

Township Board Meetings & Minutes

Upcoming Meetings

  • October 10, 2023 (Tue)
    Township Board: Regular Meeting
    Regular Board Meeting to be held in Copper Harbor at 6pm

Past Meetings

Board of Review Meetings & Minutes

Past Meetings

  • March 13, 2023 (Mon)
    Board of Review: Regular Meeting
    Grant Township Board of Review Meeting in Copper Harbor from 9am to 3pm

  • December 13, 2022 (Tue)
    Board of Review: Regular Meeting
    10:30am in Copper Harbor

  • July 19, 2022 (Tue)
    Board of Review: Regular Meeting
    The next Board of Review meeting will be held at the Grant Township Community Center in Copper Harbor on Tuesday morning July 19th, 2022 at 10:30am.

Election Commission & Minutes

Past Meetings

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