Grant Township Boards & Committees

Board of Review - Meets every March, July and December

  • Marty Faassen
  • Tom Boost
  • Barry Koljonen

Copper Harbor School Board - Meets the second Monday of the month at 5:00 pm

  • Miranda Kilpela Davis, President
  • Christine Musiel, Treasurer
  • Carolyn Stevens, Secretary
  • Kirk Filsinger, Member
  • Staci Gibson, Member

 Copper Harbor Utilities Board - Is not currently meeting

  • Gregory Paul Lis

Recreation Plan Steering Committee - Meets as determined at previous meeting

  • Scott Ochodnicky
  • Harley Lewis
  • Meg North
  • Michael Lydon
  • Susan Pokorski
  • Ronnie Mae Krueger

 Copper Harbor Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

News / Announcements