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Notice of Vacancy Grant Township Clerk

To our Grant Township residents and taxpayers,

The Grant Township Board is seeking applicants to fill the Township Clerk board seat vacancy effective as soon as possible. Interested applicants must be a Grant Township resident and should submit a letter of interest and resume to the Township Supervisor by email to

Start date: As soon as possible

Compensation: $23,500 annual salary, plus stipend opportunities for non-statutory work performed. The Township also has an optional pension plan.


The statutory duties of a Township Clerk are:

  • Maintains custody of all township records

  • Maintains general ledger

  • Prepares warrants for township checks

  • Records and maintains township meeting minutes

  • Keeps the township book of oaths

  • Responsible for special meeting notices

  • Publishes board meeting minutes (if taxable value is $85 million in 2018, annually indexed, or a charter township)

  • Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections

  • Keeps township ordinance book

  • Prepares financial statements

  • Delivers tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk by September 30

  • Must appoint a deputy

  • Must post a surety bond

Additional duties of a Township Clerk are:

  • Demonstrate knowledge about township law (general law or charter) government responsibilities, functions and powers

  • Identify the major functions of each branch of government—local, state and federal—along with their relationship to one another

  • Communicate and listen effectively

  • Utilize consensus-building techniques and motivate others to achieve desired outcomes

  • Manage adversity and hostility

  • Demonstrate ethical behavior

  • Possess vision, especially relative to the township’s needs or potential, and utilize public relations skills to positively represent the township

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of other elected and appointed offices

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the various committees, boards and commissions serving the township, including their roles and responsibilities

  • Understand how township policies and procedures are set

  • Be aware of what constitutes lawful township expenditures

  • Utilize strategic planning to attain objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of how ordinances are lawfully adopted and legally enforced


Grant Township, Keweenaw County, Michigan









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