On Wednesday, September 23, you get the opportunity to help us find solutions to help manage the infrastructure of this bustling town!A sub-committee of Grant Township is hosting a Design Charette to gather input on how we can streamline the abundant and varying mix of traffic to keep people safe during the busy summer months (and all year, really).If you have an interest in this such as resources, property, business, hobbies, solutions, ideas, a general desire to see people stay safe and/or a vested interest in the future of this community, please come share!If you can’t see the flyer, here are the details for Wednesday, September 23rd:

5:30pm – We meet in the Grant Township park to walk the main drag from First to 8th street to inspect intersections, right-of-ways, problem areas, etc.*

6:30pm – We reconvene at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge under their big outdoor event tent.*  We will have several stations for individuals to add their ideas for different locations.

We want to hear from you!  Let’s make this town the most inviting, user-friendly and safe for our visitors while maintaining integrity and peace for the residents.

*All COVID guidelines will be followed and enforced.  PPE available on site.

Meeting Schedules are on the Township Government page
The Township Board meetings will be available to join
via the telephone until further notice.

You can join the meeting by phone by calling 872-240-3212 (not toll free)
The access code is  842-285-893

You may still attend meetings at the Township Hall. However, there is a limit of 9 people allowed in the hall at a time.

The Grant Township Building

The Grant Township building houses the offices, community hall, post office and welcome center. There are also public restrooms available around the back of the building.

Township Park

The park has recently been landscaped and improved. It can be rented out for parties and events. The park is a public space to be enjoyed by all visitors.